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Handmade jewellery

Walking is by far our favourite way to get around. When you walk, you have an opportunity to take in your surroundings, and quite often, our surroundings are the coastal paths, beaches, coves and woodlands of Cornwall.

When we think of inspiration and what inspires us to be creative, our surroundings are a fundamental point of focus.

The sea is ever present. Some days calm and inviting, turquoise hues shimmering on the surface in the suns rays. Other days, the waves roll in with the wind, crashing in infinite possibilities of colliding foam and shingle.

Barnacles cling to rocks strewn along the rugged coastline, forming huge colonies of life, battling against the elements of the Atlantic. The sands bask in the sun or bear the brunt of the cold winter bite sweeping in from the ocean.

Jewellers Bench
Jewellers Hammer

Ancient woodlands and rivers that lead to coves, and moors where granite stones have stood for thousands of years, each one a home for an abundance of moss and lichen. 

Colours and texture everywhere you look in this beautiful county, and where we can, we try to put what we see into our jewellery.

Home is Penzance, in the west of Cornwall, where we also work from our little studio. Everything is hand made with tools old and new, using mainly eco silver and recycled gold.

On and off the work bench, there's usually a cup of tea on the go. If you visit, you'll get one too.

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